Feel the warm summer breezes (wherever you are) when you wrap yourself in this story of surf, art, and love!


Abby Reynolds is burned out.

Since clawing her way into a great position at a Boston museum, she’s been saddled with a scheming intern and a nagging boss. She’s scuttled her own painting dreams, her cat refuses to be box trained, and now the most boring man on the eastern seaboard just told her, “It’s not you, it’s me."

Her bestie Sarah offers a much-needed escape: a summer of sand, sea, and younger men in Santa Cruz...

Hot young bike racer Jason is sexy, unattached, and completely ready to spend a summer in uncomplicated flirtation. Since Abby has decided love is off the table, he seems like the perfect match.

Then she meets Matt. Sculptor, surfer (and age appropriate), he’s everything she gave up wanting and then some. He’s a grown-ass man with his own life issues: does he want to sculpt for love or for profit? What about that twentysomething model who's always clinging to him? Is he ready to let a woman invade his Fortress of Solitude?

Abby has to decide whether she’s satisfied with leaving behind the idea of Mr. Right and settling for Mr. Right Now.

Grown up love. It’s complicated

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Jena's life was a Type-A personality's dream: job she loved, degree almost finished, great friends... all in her control until one night of insanity, when her past crashed into her present.

Nicholas wasn't looking for change, except a change of residence. His life was perfectly pleasant, even, and rational... until Jagermeister and a wildly out-of-character night. Now he's dreaming of an Angel and trying to cope.

Can a relationship that started somewhere in the middle work? Or is it all just Cocktails & Dreams?

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