About Autumn

When she’s not chasing rug monkeys or otherwise running around like a madwoman, Autumn likes to look out at the Rocky Mountains that surround her, and daydream. She wouldn’t live anywhere else (except maybe Tahiti, if half naked serving men are included in the deal. Admit it—you’d trade, too).

Autumn’s always up for a good chat about music, movies, wine, or good books. Or bad books. Or books of any kind (Really. She talks a lot. Almost as much as she reads. Ask her husband). She sucks down java at a scandalous rate to keep her going by day, but in the dead of night you’ll find her hunched over the computer keyboard, writing frantically while alternating between bouts of snickering madly, sniffling aloud, and despairing over her technodorkiness.

Someday she’ll grow up and put her very grown-up education to use.


But not today.

Cocktails & Dreams

When Jena Baker wakes up in a strange hotel room on New Year’s Day she knows she should be grateful that she at least recognizes the man beside her as her college crush, Nicholas Cooper. Funny thing, but knowing her one-night stand’s name doesn’t help much when she has to make the Walk of Shame. Back home in Davis, shedecides that it’s maybe it’s best to let old flames die… but that doesn’t stop the dreams of that night coming back to haunt her.

Sometimes fate doesn’t fight fair; a lesson Jena learns when an injured Nick ends up in her physical therapy department after moving to California. Imagine her shock when she finds out that his last clear memory of her is of a night nearly seven years earlier! Well maybe that's true and maybe it isn't, because Nick has been having dreams of his own.

Their physical attraction is undeniable but now they have to discover if there’s more to them than sex, and to decide if starting in the middle of a relationship can ever work. If they can get through the challenges of med school and their own personal demons, they might just be able to find out.

Does a modern romance stand a chance when it begins with Cocktails and Dreams?